Strange Salvation

Photo by Robert Cheaib. CC0/Public Domain license.

Is that proof,
what kind of proof?
I am the proof
I am the evidence
This was all a long, long time ago

I was cast out
By thick skulled men
In blood red robes
I was bound and beaten
And made to catch their vile urine
In my mouth
Lest they beat me to death
And ravage my corpse

I have seen Jesus
I have!
He came to me in my sleep
And He begged me to give up drinking
He stroked my hair
It’s alright, he said. It’s alright

The wind blew and his olive skin smelled of rosemary and the sea
And I tried to speak but he bade me to shhhhhh, “Be still.’
In the morning
I woke refreshed
School girl blue in a Catholic dress
Knowing I’d had God in my mouth
I’d had God in my mouth
I’d had God in my mouth, like bread

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