Free Thing of the Week: Arrington de Dionyso & Paul Hoskin, Low Clarinet Duos

This week, the Free Thing comes back to its roots: music and Seattle.

With the recent death of the great Paul Hoskin it seemed like a good time to pay a respectful tribute to the man and his music. It’s no secret our publisher is a great admirer of the music of both Hoskin and Arrington de Dionyso. So it’s altogether fitting and proper that we bring you an album of them together.

Low Clarinet Duos dates from 2009 and features al-Hoskin on his preferred contrabass clarinet, with M. de Dionyso on both bass clarinet and contralto clarinet. We’d say more about it, but truly the music is the only experience that matters. Bless M. de Dionyso for making this available, and bless Paul Hoskin, wherever he is, for inspiring us all.

Download from Bandcamp, or
Download ZIP here.

(Also, go buy Arrington de Dionyso’s beautiful posters, prints, and books here. You’ll be glad you did.)

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