Free Thing of the Week: The Exhibit

We are big fans of Cornucopia Radio from Sheffield. Over the past eleven years they have been putting out fine material that ranges from absurd comedy to respectfully twisted genre pieces to delicate character studies and all points between — and all of it Creative Commons-licensed.

We plan on bringing you a more in-depth discussion with the folks from Cornucopia Radio soon. In the meantime, we’re chuffed to bring you a sample of their wares for this week’s Free Thing: their most recent podcast, The Exhibit.

Written by Andrew Shaktah, this intelligent drama deals with the Singularity via the art world. A renowned artist creates a conceptual exhibit in which half of the installed works are created by hand and the other half by the artistic equivalent of a Markov Chain that produces handicrafts in the artist’s own style: photographs, sculptures, paintings, mixed media. Which is which? No one knows except the artist and he’s not telling. Then a smug, not-so-clever-as-she-thinks journalist sneaks into the exhibit to find out the truth from the artist directly, and away we go.

The intelligence of the piece is exactly what’s missing from most contemporary audio drama. Without sensationalist diatribe about fearing our new robot overlords or the like, The Exhibit explores thoughtfully the apparently shrinking gap between human and manufactured. We highly recommend it.

Download The Exhibit (mp3) here.

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