Free Thing of the Week: You Choose

It’s altogether fitting and proper that we return to literature for this week’s Free Thing, and even more so that we return to local author Nick Stokes. Back in the early days of The Star, we serialized his first novel, Affair.

Now we bring you his second novel, You Choose, an experimental (anti-) Choose Your Own Adventure style novel.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the author’s own description.

You choose: You hear a scream (or not), and what do you do about it. 
Nothing or stay in your chair and figure out the who what when why or go out the front door and chase the scream to prevent it or create it or
capture it. Within the book are choices and non-choices, choices 
masquerading as choices, labyrinths, your torture and your self-torture,
your authorship, multiple worlds, you becoming someone else, another 
you, you becoming a series of animals, you becoming us, you becoming 
death, your repeated death, pizza, your mother, inner ear workings, and 
other tailings or tails or tales. YOU CHOOSE is literary, speculative,
uncertain, an attempt at the universal and many worlds, surreal, 
magically realistic, immersive, and labyrinthine. YOU CHOOSE is an 

Download from Internet Archive in your choice of formats here.

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