Free Thing of the Week: Taker 51 – Acoustic DJ

Cover art by J.M. Cruz

For those of you who missed this year’s Netlabel Day — what are you doing? Go to the Netlabel Day 2019 website and get caught up!

But since you’re all soooo busy with summer ‘n’ stuf, we’ve done you the favor of picking through the fifty or so official releases from netlabels around the world. And we bring you this top pick from Vulpiano Records.

Taker 51 is normally the moniker for Raúl Diaz Palomar’s electronica/post-rock/whatchamacallit music. This particular release though is very non-electronic. Instead it’s a spare and melodic collection of songs played largely on acoustic guitar and piano. We were mightily impressed by it here at The Star, and it’s been constantly playing in our musical heads and devices since its release.

But don’t take our word for it. Download it for free (you don’t even have to enter a “0” on Bandcamp) and smooth out the bumps in your acoustic life with this mellow new pavement or whatever.

Download Acoustic DJ from Bandcamp

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