Truth About Thumping

Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash. CC0/Public domain license.
It’s true, the omnipresence
of metaphor. The thumping
overhead is a crow
doing goodness knows what
on the roof
— may be two crows —
and metaphor is
like that.
I know birds landed
on the house
while I am lying
in bed, still naked,
writing words
as stand-ins for the things
I think and see
in my mind’s eye
— such as the crows
on the roof —
but we all know
these shapes aren’t birds,
although they may be
thoughts, and that thumping
is onomatopoeically
putting a sound
in your ear
that is really your eye
running over ink
and shooting signals
to your gray matter.
We all can tell
the difference
between the paper bird,
this crow,
and the one thumping
on the roof
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