Five Short Poems

Photo: Omar Willey. CC-BY 4.0

The Lake

An unnamed bird 
skims the surface.

You linger

as an afterthought.


The wind


You      drift

in  and   out

of my mind.


Outside, the sky
in so many shades 
of pink.

Here, a crow 
pecking at  

the unrelenting window.


The night devoid of stars,
a pale crescent 
hangs in a corner.
Down on the street below
a bitch moans
in childbirth.
My dreams charred
with a recurring fear
of something 

I don’t know.


the night thickens
around the bush,

not a footstep 
to be heard,

the snake 
slithers back

to the undergrowth.

Categories Poetry

Debarshi Mitra is a 22 year old poet from New Delhi, India. His debut book of poems Eternal Migrant was published in May 2016 by Writers Workshop. His works have previously appeared in anthologies like Kaafiyana and literary magazines like The Scarlet Leaf Review, Thumbprint, The Punch Magazine and Leaves of Ink among others. He was He is the recipient of the 9th Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize.

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