Free Thing of the Week: JourneyQuest

Our publisher is known to complain that Seattleites don’t get the Creative Commons. Whenever we ask him what he means, he screams incoherently in Polish, then mumbles something about Micro$oft, Bezos, and “temporarily embarrassed capitalists” before he goes back to sipping his tea, calmly.

Just to annoy him this week, we’ve set out to prove that Seattleites do release Creative Commons licensed works for joy and celebration and community — especially when they’re nerds. Open gaming license material proliferates in these parts, and folks like those at GeekGirlCon print all their stuff with CC licenses.

So in celebration of our local geeks, we bring you this week’s Free Thing, the uproarious and silly web series JourneyQuest.

With its fourth season of productions underway courtesy of their latest Kickstarter campaign, the folks at Zombie Orpheus have been releasing episodes of this absurd fantasy tale now for nine years. If you’re unfamiliar with the Sword of Fighting, hapless yellow robe wizards who can’t even cast spells correctly, progressive barbarian kings, justice-loving orcs, and warring bards — well, you should be.

This labor of love’s been on Hulu, The Fantasy Network, YouTube and Amazon Prime. It’s a truly Seattle-ish masterpiece for those with a sense of the ridiculous and a bit of nostalgia about old skool sword and sorcery tales.

We dig it. You will too.

Catch up on JourneyQuest Seasons 1-3 on YouTube here.
JourneyQuest on Amazon Prime here.

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