Free Thing of the Week: A Musique Tribute to Isabelle Adjani

It’s October so we’ve been watching lots of horror films, including Werner Herzog’s eccentric version of Nosferatu, with the lovely Isabelle Adjani. Not just a pretty face, Ms. Adjani is the only actress to win the C├ęsar Award for Best Actress five times. So it’s fitting to honor the actress with a musical tribute, this one coming from Cian Orbe.

Cian Orbe are a Chilean netlabel whose artists create mainly experimental electronic music. A lot of their releases tend toward what some people call “ambient music” or EDM, though they prefer to say “dark new age, witch house & other unrated weird & dark electronic genres.”

It’s a fitting album for the season, with all sorts of dark, spooky, neurasthenic yet somehow warm vibes. From Esmectatons’ delicate “Para Isabelle Adjani” to the more agressively industrial sounds of Rauppwar and Berlin Mansions, this is something you can enjoy either day or night.

Download A Musique Tribute to Isabelle Adjani here.

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