They Walk Among Us

They walk among us
feeding on our love and kindness
thirsting for our love

They lay hungry on a bed of passion
with their hearts ajar
uncertainty creeps into their hearts’ little cracks
bathed in love yet dry with anxiety
you questioned their hearts
but they answered with fears
their insecurities bathed in frostiness.

They live among us
feeding on our kindness
thirsting for our love

They dream in music but the sleep on thorns
poisonous arrows pass through their hearts
stung by fear for passion
fleshed ripped with insecurity
they walk a crooked line of broken dreams
murmuring cold whispers that bring doubts
their silent symphony so loud

They breathe among us
feeding on our kindness
thirsting for our love

Fountain of tears stream down their cheeks
choked by emotion no words can they speak
caged around walls of darkness
obsessive uncertainty blinding their souls
their skin tightened around their eyes
sweat beading screening truth
not knowing right from wrong

They lie among us
feeding on our kindness
thirsting for our love

Our unconditional love never satisfies them
our tender embraces never warm enough
our lonely cries never move them
Greed ripping through their bodies
The teeth of uncertainty
clench and grind around them
like steel claws on slate they cling to their hearts
with a sharpened hold turmoil strike on them
their caged cold hearts refusing to let us in
shutting us out beyond death
only cold air within their clasp

Whenever we reach out
We find nothing for our hands to touch
realizing the sudden bland flavour of our lives
no longer drawing out our breath
we drown us in their pool of sorrow
puncturing into our spine
grimly drilling holes through

Yes, they are indeed among us
calling us friends
promising to be there
but only to feed on our sadness.

Like the raging fire intense emotions well up
Shrinking their souls as they penetrate
The coldness of their souls stinging us
With shuddered grasp we pull back
Clutching our hearts they wrench them out
Stomping on our trust like yesterdays trash
Angels cry as innocent souls they crush
Life of the innocent drain out
Wasted, spent, lost, wrung
droplets of red staining the soil
taking us on a rollercoaster of pain
burrowing into our flesh
tenaciously ripping tunnels through
Yes, they live among us.

terrified and alone
terrified of their spirits
terrified of their choices
hiding behind hardness
hiding from the truth
not knowing there to turn
not trusting themselves
not sure of their future.

They feed on crushing our love
choking our laughter
they breathe on perforating our lives
feeding on our kindness
they walk among us
thirsting for our love

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Sandra A. Mushi is an interior architecture designer with a very strong passion for writing. She is the author of The Rhythmn Of My Rhyme, published by Andika Afrika.

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