Quarantine, Port Orchard, Washington 2020

Gun sales are
Through the roof
100s and millions
Of boxes of bullets
For thousands
Of new guns
In the hands
Of who the fuck knows
We don’t track heaters
What are you going
To do with a gun
When you can’t
Go outside?

Domestically violent
Types don’t need to answer
We’ve got your number

Virus this
Virus that
Whose fault is it?
Pointing fingers
Taking credit
Mobilizing the Army
To build hospitals
In sold out coliseums
Numbers of the sick
And dying flying upward
Like a perverted pinball score

The Stockmarket
Is bouncing back
Bullish for Bailouts
You might say
And there’s a half a dozen
Online investment platforms
With zero paid for the
First five trades
Chemical Bank
Isn’t even trying to hide it
Loose associations
Millionaires and billionaires vying
For the nomination
Old white men
Like the Senate of Rome
Men in white robes
With olive branches on their
Bald heads
The song remains the same
They don’t make
Music like that anymore
High, and together
Together Apart
Is what they’re selling now
All you need is some gear
A Drum machine and a keyboard
And you can write a hit song
With your laptop
Pay attention kids
Put it up on YouTube and
Get rich quick
A hundred thousand hits
Party nation Florida
You’ve got to be kidding me

Inhibiting the vote
Putting the brakes on Democracy
Forcing the civilly minded
To wait in dangerous lines
In Wisconsin, old home of
That 70s Show

Legal dope on every corner
Storage, coffee, cars for sale
At every turn,
What sort of society is this?

Paranoids are going nuts
Hasn’t been
A mass shooting
In three weeks,
Which hasn’t happened
Since 1956
So that’s something

Around here
And apart from a few missing birds
The Northwest has
Such high clay cliffs
We don’t even notice
The rising tides
And Gray Whales
Grounding themselves
On northwest beaches
La Push, Cape Flattery, Cannon Beach
Shi Shi, Rialto
Lie their mammoth
Starved bodies
Feeding a few birds
The odd juvenile crab
Until they’re nothing
But a massive heap
Of bones
Baleen whales, the Right
And the Blue, the Earth’s biggest
At least as old
As 65 million years
15 species in all
Headed for extinction
The sea is out of Krill
It’s beyond words
It’s simply overwhelming
Too much to wrap our heads around
Is it our fault?
Who knows, we gotta drive
In order to get around

All we know is that it didn’t snow
In February and Spring sprung
Sooner than ever
Global warming looks to be
Great for the Great Northwest

Who cares there’s no more salmon?
Google can engineer the stuff
And farmed is just as pink/red
As real blood, as real guilt
But not near as tasty
Orcas don’t mind the
Recent lack of boaters
And floaters and fishers
And divers and baby
We don’t want to think about that
Let’s get some coffee and smoke
Some reefer
See if there’s anything on
Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime
For sure
I miss rabbit ears
Remember free TV
No, probably not
It’s just as well

This isn’t the demonic
Track laid backwards
On a Beatles album
And there is no going back,
That’s for sure,
But if we come out of this
Viral situation, and we will
God, please let us
Focus on the world around us
Rather than our bank accounts
The World is in trouble
And we need to be aware
There is a future
But only if we dare to
Use our voices and our talents
I’m sorry, I know I’m preaching
You already know what I mean
It can’t be business as usual
Something’s got to give

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