It’s a little known fact that our publisher man was once a radio DJ. For this week’s Free Thing we locked him in a room with only his iPod and laptop, and when he emerged several days later, not only did he need a shower and a meal, but also had produced the very first Seattle Star all-Creative Commons music mixtape.

From our first cautious look, it’s 20 songs, filled with music in all kinds of genres, with artists from all over the world (even Seattle), and fits on an old Maxell UR90 tape if you really want to try it. We played it for a student in her early twenties and it was deemed “swag.”

Our publisher could add nothing to this, except for babbling “Dobby never meant to kill! Olaf, you’re melting! You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!”

Check out the Seattle Star Creative Commons Mixtape #1 on Mixcloud.