Take Me, I’m the Drug

Photo: Sailko. CC-BY.

Take me, I am the drug known to trigger
the disintegration of the persistence
of memory, (elephants that cause such pain).
I will plunge even your dreams into new sleep oceans,
such a soft construction with boiled beans,
perhaps featuring a landscape of butterflies,
or a swallow’s tail flitting over frothing waves before the
accommodations of desire
provoke ingestion of a second dose to down
with your basket of bread. I promise to subdue
your paranoiac critical solitude in a single outing
at the triangular hour, that your memory
of the child woman will slip away
as a mere morphological echo.

Inspired by a quotation from Salvador Dalí

Categories Poetry

Pamela Hobart Carter loves Seattle as much for its water and mountains as for its bustle and creativity. She explores the Emerald City daily while walking her dog. Carter used to be a teacher who wrote on the side. Now she is a writer who teaches on the side.

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