Library Birdcalls

during a break my coworker demonstrates a birdcall app on his iPad
mountainous lockers loom in the distance
bulletin board papers dance like leaves in the air conditioner’s breeze

his iPad burbles like a startled barred owl
it burbles again
my dangling lanyard is a fleeing mouse that shakes with my laughter

his iPad emits a serious screech that plummets into a chuckle
and the refrigerator mocks it with a groan and a clink
as it births another ice cube

even after returning to work I hear birdcalls
in the jingle of change as a lady digs through her pocketbook
the elevator’s sing sing when it takes off
computer keys hurriedly clacking messages

flocks of fingers stroke the spines of books
when the pages flutter open the reader takes flight

Categories Poetry

Hannah Jane Weber’s poetry has been published in I-70 Review, Kansas City Voices, Oasis, The Poeming Pigeon, and Wrath-Bearing Tree. She is also a recipient of the Dylan Thomas American Poet Prize. Hannah Jane is a children’s librarian and tennis enthusiast. She lives with her husband and their golden retrievers.

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