Free Thing of the Week: Save Gaza Compilation

The Gaza Strip has been under siege for much longer than the past month.

In about 365 square kilometers live more than a million and half Palestinians, who depend mostly on international food aid. Infrastructure barely exists; unemployment exceeds 50%. Most of the population of the strip, and in particular the youngest generation live in an eternal quarantine, unable to live a normal life where they can simply live, love, play, and pray.

After the massacre of nine passengers of the Mavi Marmara in 2010, a group of Italian artists, poets, musicians, and athletes started The Italian Center for Cultural Exchange between Italy and Palestine, funded by a consortium of associations and municipalities concentrating on the youth in both lands. Many of those artists were also active in the Free Software and Free Culture movements and so they decided to combine their interests to produce this album, the Save Gaza Compilation.

It’s a compilation of jazz, electronic, world music, spoken word, and other sounds that are meant to defy classification just as surely as they mean to defy authoritarian slaughter in the Middle East. We thought it was much too good to forget about. While the original remains on Bandcamp, where you can donate the amount of your choice, we also provide a free of charge download of the album here as well. Share the love.

Download Free Artists for Gaza – Save Gaza Compilation from Bandcamp here.
Download Free Artists for Gaza – Save Gaza Compilation from The Seattle Star here

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