maciej obara’s one for, one afternoon on granville island

Photo by Joe Mabel. CC-BY-SA.

I want to live inside this
song with you. I want to walk 
down its loping paths over
grown with dusk-lit moss (with you). 
Paint your instant coffee and
drink your tear-down walls. Find the
ghosts in the corners the leaks
on rainy days watching the 
cat watch the rain watch the way
you move so quietly a 
toe broken in a slipper 
note broken on the lip a
squeak so charged so telling of
the space inside this song. We’ll
sit in a claw-foot tub big
enough for the two of us 
comically big really you
say it’s a giant tub for
the giants who used to live
inside this song and I want to
live inside the tidepool of 
your eye the way it quavers
like the lightbeams on the pearl
of a giant claw-foot tub 
in the twilight of this song. 

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