In the Absence of a New Horizon

Image by 춘성 강 from Pixabay. CC0/Public domain

Recently, my mind has become marbled with competing designs,

These concepts of dissonance often eclipse each other,

Marching back and forth in a tireless game to settle into positions of yin and yang before every sunrise.

After Luna becomes slumberous and drifts off into the land of nod,

Abask in the bright white of her almost lethargically stark luminescence, I throw hail marys up into the cosmos, silent prayers to the gods.

Because like an owl perched trepidatiously on an unforgiving branch in the depths of midnight’s spark,

It’s only in hindsight I’d ever let my sleeping dogs lie without faith that I would be safe from their chases in the dark.

Let my strength be amaranthine, even when it seems like my flame will flicker out,

May my mind and body be in equilibrium, a blissful harmony even when promises of better days run out.

In this absence of a new horizon,

Even when I want nothing more than to give up,

I will make mutes of an ocean of banshees,

Leaving this subaqueous existence in an admission of guilt, truth, patience, and unwavering love.

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