Free Thing of the Week: Creative Commons Jazz Mixtape #14

Photo: Kobby Mendez. CC0/Public domain.

It’s summer and it’s hot. But instead of playing it cool, our publisher jazzman aficionado hepcat dude decided to ramp up the heat. His latest entry in the all-Creative Commons Jazz Mixtape series definitely pushes toward the avant-garde. Or, to corrupt a Chick Corea phrase, now it swings, now they’re SOBs.

Nevertheless, jazz is a big wide thriving growing idiom, so why not take a tour? This one will take you to Mexico, Lithuania, Spain, France, Chile, Russia, The Netherlands, and even to Milwaukee.

Check out the latest Seattle Star Creative Commons Jazz Mixtape on Mixcloud here.

And for those of you who like to own your music instead of relying on transient, bloated, privacy-invading stream services that can cut off your music anytime they want, you can download your own CC-BY licensed copy of the Seattle Star Creative Commons Jazz Mixtape #14 here.

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