Quattor Veritates (Four Realities)

The Myriad, Miscellaneous and Mitigating

Cross-generational trauma visited upon young children,
being smothered in bed by a father unable to calm a toddler,
finding that rifle – broken down – in the crawl space under the home’s flooring,
vilification and harassment (for the ‘sins of the father’) at every level of education,
good grades never enough for a flawed patriarch,
joyful playing of music met by disapproving silence and withdrawal,
discovering grandmother overdosed in the spare bedroom,
defending mother during violence from father and conforting her afterwards and
repeated exposure to porn throughout childhood …
a strong mind and body – and no drinking or drugs – seemed to be protective factors
until that was no longer the case.

Without noticing – at first – things unravelled
in concert with increasing exposure to violence and other existential threats,
the breakdown of social supports and relationships and
terminal diagnoses confirmed for both parents.

The first signs might emerge as an increasingly brittle response to stress,
restless sleep punctuated by deeply disturbing nightmares
and involuntary shaking.

Perhaps training in Psychology could also mitigate against decline –
after all, functioning (of a sort) may continue
through contributing to the palliation of both parents,
holding their hands as they died after having previously explained to them
what “There’s no other options for treatment” meant when spoken by their specialists,
trying to protect a child from sexual and physical abuse
perpetrated by the other parent after a contentious breakup
and losing an inheritance to a swindling relative
aided-and-abetted by corrupt lawyers and accountants.

Maybe losing half-a-million here and half-a-million there
need not have mattered –
and the same could be said for fruitlessly seeking help for a child
sliding into childhood and adolescent mental illness
while tangle of Family Court and Child & Youth Mental Health services
and the loss of one’s own career, employment, social support and physical health …
and who’s to say that it did?

Somewhere along the way, however,
the joie de vivre can disappear from everyday life
to be replaced by a melancholy, sadness and neutrality
that mimics exhaustion incarnate.

What helps will depend on the individual –
and for some, nothing will really work …
but there is still ‘doing the best that can be done in the moment’,
being present and supportive for any children or partner that remain in contact
and seeking to stop the rot of generational trauma.

Attractive, delicious, good, happy,
praiseworthy and commendable?
Rational thought, good ethics and
beneficence rather than hostility,
ferociousness, evil and stupor.

If it is innate to stubbornly hold to one’s opinion
(or kill),
the dogmatic response –
ubiquitously –
will be comparable with
‘what’, ‘how’, ‘which’, ‘scolding’ and ‘denunciation’ …
observation, analysis, consideration, care and beneficence
is abiding.

Praising and commending
ethics, beneficence and character?

Peaceful, harmonious, gentle, kind and temperate –
and possession of a ‘winning hand’.

That which is evil, foul, wicked, hostile, fierce, ferocious,
hateful, loathing and dislikeable?

A habit or custom –
something that is studied, learned, practiced and renewed …
and repeated.

Stubbornly holding to one’s opinion
(or killing)
repeatedly in a manner that becomes like a character trait
approves and permits
(and is fitting of and suitable for)
those that are like experts
in excess, fault, mistake, disasters and calamities.

The beautiful, delicious, good, happy, praiseworthy
and commendable?

Good ethics, benevolence and rational thought.

Echoing evils, wrongs, viciousness, disasters and calamities?

Evil, wicked, foul, ferocious, hostile, bad, poor, difficult
and slow.

The optimal potential in each emerging moment –
the aim, standard and criterion
(that which is bright and clear)?

Social organization aligned
with delivering optimal outcomes.

Administration of governments, organizations or families
may cure …
or punish and exterminate.

The territory ‘smart, clever and strong’?

The countenance, appearance and expression
of inquiry, regard, respect, greetings, care …
guardianship, guidance, support and nurturance.

Logic and sense surpasses
division, separation, destiny, portions, status and duty –
splitting wood is something fruitful …
trampling intentionally
suppresses and is deterministic.

The optimal potential in each emerging moment?

That which is attractive, delicious, good, happy and praiseworthy.

Good ethics, benevolence and rational thought
and evil, loathing, hostility and stupor?

Habits and customs –
things that are studied, learned, practiced renewed …
and repeated.

To completely recover from illness,
settle that which is fair, honest and refreshing

This mortal world?

One’s lot.

The crooked exist.

Peace, harmony, kindness, warmth and reconciliation?

The core –
the essence …
the meaning.
Reason, logic and truth
(natural science)
inquires, regards, greets and cares.

Examine and write this –
that which is natural and innate
instructs, guides, causes and creates.

Express verbal appreciation
as a response …
this characteristic carries praise.

Speak directly to the point …
that which is attractive, delicious, good, happy and commendable –
good ethics, benevolence and rational thought –
is peaceful and harmonious.

That which is evil, foul, wicked, ferocious, hostile and bad
is a habit –
that is true …
blocking, obstruction, denunciation, censure, extinction, poverty,
negation and that which is evil and vile

To be alive,
demands, requests and needs
should attach importance to
change and reform –
greeting the optimal potential in each emerging moment
is the same.

Take the place of praising and commending
good ethics, benevolence and rational thought
the territory is ‘evil, foul, ferocious, hostile, bad and stupid habits’.

America, the real solution to gun deaths
is regulation – it is just … and the perfect
‘how’ and ‘what’

What is the solution
to gun deaths in America?

Beautiful, good, happy, commendable and pleasant
countries, capitals and regions
are incompatible
with supporting and sending forth
death, inaction, damnation, fixation and that which is awful –
forgetting what is right
(the optimal in any emerging moment
[the aim, standard and criterion])
dissolves and separates …
deciding and putting to death
what is just, upright, irreproachable, reasonable and grounded.

A proposal that is right and just
is the perfect ‘how’ and ‘what’.


A point that is not useful, proper or fit
for division or subdivision.

To perish or die?


Making play, sport or a pastime?

Being ready and free
to do things
with tidings
of letting things be and accord.

Discrepancies, differences, variation and diversity
is involved with ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘why’, ‘whether’ and ‘do’.

Beautiful, good, lovely, useful, right, virtuous and noble?

The proper place.

Inconsistent or discontinuous branches?

The womb, origin or source
of death?
The shell or casing
that is the coffin?

Those that trade
in proposals, subjects or supposition
by disagreement and discord
with anyone or anything.

A moral good?

Ancestral or hereditary opposition
to the branch
sheathing death.

Concerning the token applause invented by Nero?

A succession of balanced, fitting and perfect events
that differ and disperse ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’
(and consumes).

True, kind, good, friendly, gifted and commendable
homes, villages, regions, realms and worlds
are not aligned
with the arrogance
of sheathing death.

Of fighting and conflict,
arrange poetic adventures …
parting, separation or divorce

The Personification of Feminine Kindness and Charity: Befitting of a Warrior and a Method of Walking Lightly

The female bodhisattva:

“All chaotic and senseless coarseness and mindlessness is like a sparrow returning spoilt, ruined, useless, vicious, bad, corrupt, petty and insignificant portions. That which is delicate, lovely and beautiful repeatedly, harmoniously and completely matches and emulates the ‘dove’ child, person, master and teacher – who was true and genuine … and also the metaphor for the optimal potential in any emerging moment consistently coinciding with nimble agility of supernatural purity and unity. Delicate, lovely and beautiful discussions, requests and relationships are superior, right, good, friendly, loving and kind foundations for or causes of the embodiment in one’s self of child-like regard (such as tender affection, giggles and laughter)”.

The female bodhisattva:

“All repressive, obstructive and kowtowing thoughts, conventions and rules bully and compete to overcome and vanquish that which is superior, virtuous, and precious”.

The female bodhisattva:

“This thing is true all the time – to win, extremely talented people are noble, honourable, fruitful, graceful, bright, clear, optimal and genuine young pups. Energetic, enthusiastic, abundant and luxuriant rhythms, relationships, potentials and thoughts think about, desire and miss having the appearance, state and characteristic of being complete, real and true and – like fruit, berries and nuts – generative and abundant. Greetings, concern for others, interrogations and holding others to account are like a small bowl, a headline or a theme (namely, questions, quizzes and problems). Your rhythm, relationships, potential and thoughts want to talk, discuss, converse, praise, reason, evaluate, recount, theorise and speak directly to the point … welcome, greet and receive that.

“Feelings, sensations and emotions arriving at, moving towards or attaining sadness, sympathy or lamentation are injurious, hurtful or distressing – sometimes nimble, witty and happy is joyful, fun, musical and involves laughing, and love … in addition to treatment, cures, healing or therapy. That which is peaceful, harmonious, gentle or kind tolerates – emotionally, physically and mentally – clarity, objectives or reality … earnestly hopeful and observant. To drown, end, finish or die exists and repeatedly permitting, requestion, conceding or criticizing duties, responsibilities or tolerance scolds and denounces completely and on each occasion. To rely on documents that are superior, virtuous, exalted, and mature neglects, fails and loses track of expectations, observations and repute. Nevertheless, it (a type of ‘burden’, ‘snake’ or ‘evil’) consumes, uses, produces and is due to the same. Entirely beginning, doing or depending on mildness, gentleness or kindness softens.

“The aim, standard and criterion – the optimal potential in any emerging moment – is the foundation to life … raise and carry. To elevate the smallest or those that are hoarse, in addition to mixing together, sorting and shaking out that which is undesirable (like the crooked)? Clarifying, stimulating and being transparent, generative, productive and enlightening. To begin or become extreme, unfounded or groundless angers, bullies, insults and annoys and feeds requests, demands, covetousness and desires. Explaining, interpreting, understanding and discernment is unaffected, easy and free.

“Having, possessing and being – again – is here and now. Appearances, forms, expressions, varieties, specimens, exemplars and manners unify, are unique, are similar and ubiquitous. Individual virtue, loyalty and foresight is honest and upright – it is true, real, the target, the standard, the criterion and the optimal potential of each emerging moment. Virtue, loyalty and foresight is a clean and pure shackle.

“Truly, nobility, beauty, the ‘golden’, and that which is wonderful is countless and scattered everywhere. Unity, everything and the individual or singular is no place or cause to perceive, participate in, administer, or know murder or stubbornly holding to one’s opinion.

“You – indeed – end, finish, pass away or die. To have, possess, exist or be divides, marks or is the line between arriving and departing (or being thoughtful and considerate). Equalling, allocating or prescribing what is possible or proper is like putting a sole on a shoe – this may be tiny and insignificant or the foundation … or soft, tender and gentle or irresolute, indecisive or weak. Being soft, supple, flexible, gentle and mild is true, the target, the standard, the criterion and the optimal potential in every emerging moment. Be lenient – tolerate and act under pressure like a maternal progenitor.

“No want, need, requirement, agreement, force or demand yields to, permits, concedes to, criticises or reproaches welcoming, greeting or receiving the greatest, the best and the most complete virtuous, noble, eminent and venerable. There is nothing higher – there is no ‘Ascension’. The aim, standard, criterion and optimal potential in every emerging moment is only to decide to travel wholly, completely and entirely in accord with one fundamental essence – as a being from which things proceed and in accord with one’s personal assumptions or guiding beliefs and the laws of nature.

“Assenting to or being inclined towards agreements and promises that are virtuous, morally excellent, kind and favourable defines boundaries and plans for the optimal potential in every emerging moment. This border is the dividing line between gentle and soft and disrespect and recklessness. Decorate oneself with intelligence, understanding, clarity and wholeness.

“Exist, be present, depend on and rest with whatever neighbourhood you match with”.

Observe, guard, watch and consider proceeding towards and attaining the appearance of and similarity to that bodhisattva (that personification of feminine kindness and charity). To welcome, greet or receive such a model, pattern, manner or example is the optimal potential for a human being.

Participate in and give what is delicate, lovely and beautiful assuming what is delicate, lovely and beautiful is fitting. This is like a person who guides a blind person.

The best descendants and offspring imitate and resemble the preceding gentle, refined, elegant and cultured pattern – welcoming and connecting with parts, correspondence and documents that are true, genuine, clear and optimal. Evil, vile, superficial and poverty- stricken rules and examples only meet and gather to differentiate, separate and divide and turn into demonic or monstrous things or people. That which is whole, elegant, refined and flourishing is truly unmistakable, genuine, real and unfeigned and optimizing the potential of each emerging moment.

Negate rules and examples you reason, know, apportion, distinguish and classify as serving, practicing or making demonic or monstrous things or people.

Also truly plan, depict and define the boundaries of the target, standard and criterion – the optimal potential of each emerging moment.

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