… what to do
Now you know this is the end

Regardless of whether it matters a jot,
Terry Hall.

“Goodbye and fairwell,” seems fitting,
as does saying,
“he is influential,” and, “he is departed”
(all are translations of valē).

Among those that loved his music –

even that which lay beyond the boundaries of Ska –
some may experience a feeling akin to hiraeth,
a longing for something lost that might not have even existed –
an imagined connection and comradery
that was likely a solipsistic creation.

His friends and family
will genuinely mourn his loss …
and will have been as close as possible
to knowing the real Terry Hall –
a thing his fans will have experienced
only in the wafer-thin slices
that skilled performers expose.

Still, such outsiders would have discerned
an individual –
in Terry Hall –
who was deeply passionate
about music and social reform …
and these characteristics alone
are rare and valuable traits.

Shallow dives into his troubles and relationships
are really just fodder for stupefying and distraction
and might best be ignored.

Commiserations are due to those who loved him most –
and they,
along with the rest of us,
have the opportunity to enjoy his music and musings
for the rest of our lives.

C’est la vie.


valē Terry Hall …
even if we barely knew you at all.

Elon Musk has shut his trap,
Trump is – well, who gives a crap.

Some thinks we needs to knows
he got it on with one of The Go-Go’s.

Others will reflect on losing a hero
and losers will think he was a zero.

He made a difference to many
and had friends and family.

valē Terry Hall
and commiserations to his family an’ all.

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