Sunday Comics

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Zach Weinersmith

Ampersand – Barry Deutsch

Schemantics – Michael Yu

Khartoon! – Khalid Albaih


Jesus and Mo

The Other End – Neil Kohney

Socks and Puppets – David Birch


Small Moments – Steve Wallet

We deliver…–SW

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Poorly Drawn Lines – Reza Farazmand

Wicked Wonderful Wordies

Hints and other puzzles

Eggmen – Richard Barker

Abstruse Goose – “Schrödinger’s Infinitesimal Miscalculation Part 2″


Mr. Lovenstein – J.L. Westover


Bonus Panel

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Roasted Like Ever – MT

Cat and Girl – Dorothy Gambrell

Pocho’s Cartoonismo – Lalo Alcaraz


Art – John Ohannesian

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Sandra & Woo – Powree & Oliver Knörzer


Deep Dark Fears – Fran Krause

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Joan Cornellà

Conspiracy of Birds – Trevor McKee

“PLAZA ATHENEE PARIS LOGO” – Christopher Dombres


Inversely ProportionalMaya Zankoul

Incidental Comics – Grant Snider


Irregular Webcomic! – David Morgan-Mar

Sephko – Gojko Franulic


Bonkers (2013) – Manu Cornet

Der Wo Ente – Emil Erpel

Diesel Sweeties Classic – Richard Stevens

iMBry – Bry Onglatco

Noise to Signal – Rob Cottingham


Metaphorical Inking – Gary Rosenzweig

Doghouse Diaries (2014) – Will Samari, Ray Martino & Raf Aan


Bro, Don’t Like That, La, Bro – “SIDE QUEST: Greenzilla VS Outroman!” – Ernest Ng

Trader Lydia – Ted Bishop


Channel Draw – Gianluca Constantini


More Interesting Times – Nathan Fehr

On February 1st I wrote a comic for every hour of the day that I was awake. I’ve done this intermittently ever since I’ve been drawing Interesting Times, and often had a lot of fun with it. This year I changed from pen to marker, which I enjoyed…Enjoy! — NF

Crimes Against Hugh’s Manatees – Hugh Crawford

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xkcd – Randall Munroe


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The Beyond – “The Phantom Puppet”

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