A Week of Free Things: Ticks

One of the sad realities of being a music fan is that bands dissolve. This is no big deal in many instances. Recordings usually stay in print, or at least find their way into used record stores or thrift shops.

What happens, though, when a band that only releases music digitally dissolves, and they decide to delete all their music? Or a platform on which they distributed their music disappears?

Answer: nothing good.

Vienna Ditto was a favorite band of ours. Just ask our publisher man: he was executive producer on their final album. Both Nigel and Hatty have gone on to excellent solo careers but we still like to return to their early classics like “This Is Normal” and “Liar Liar” and their fabulous covers of African American spirituals.

Most of those classics however seem to have fallen through the cracks. Fortunately they’re licensed Creative Commons-ly, so we do you a favor and re-present one of their lovely EPs to our faithful readers.

Ticks is an awful lot of fun. Call it electro-indie-rock or whatever else you want, we recommend it to just about anyone. Also: excellent music videos.

From the title track’s clever lyrics to the Britpop+spiritual of “Go Down Moses” to the dark electronic hymn of “My Way of Missing You”, every track on this slightly-less-than-thirty-minute album is a blast. We think you’ll appreciate it at least 72.48% as much as we do.

Download Ticks from The Seattle Star here

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