Photo: PIRO. CC0/Public domain Pixabay license.

Part 1 – Rebellion

After decades of neglect
Communities wrecked
Promised hope, faith and truth
But what were we dealt

Industries broken
Anger awoken
No chance of forgiveness
For lies that were spoken

Then a glimmer of hope
A break in the game
But under it all
Was more of the same

Despite our allegiance
We know what we saw
The truth again hidden
As we were dragged into war

Then dodgy dealings
From an arrogant chancer
Provided a question
We knew how to answer

If he dangled a carrot
He could bring home the bacon
But too many donkeys
Would soon be awakened

He thought it was easy
But what he didn’t know
Was that downtrodden voters
Would break the status quo

Part 2 – By any means

He’d taken a risk
He’d started the ride
But cowards will always
look on from the side

What followed was nothing
Then lots more of…nowt
Nobody knew
If we were in or were out

No-one would listen
But all had their say
Continuous winter
No darling buds of May

Frustration was growing
Patience wore thin
A prime opportunity
For bullies to win

A bullish demeanour
Lit up by the Sun
We’d forgive almost anything
Just please get it done

When boys who burn banknotes
Before down and out tramps
Get a general reaction of
“What little scamps”

We all had it coming
We all brought about
The very establishment
We’d tried to kick out

Part 3 – What have we done?

When Tories leave the Tories
For becoming too Tory
It starts to sound like
A George RR Martin story

All those sins of the past
Forgotten? No way
But the sins of the present
Were the news of the day

So what next? Who knows?
Nobody ever did
Just blue passports, sovereignty
And keeping the quid

But with self serving leaders
Now given free rein
It’s likely we’ll all feel
The pinch and the pain

When the DIS is in bold in disability
When they tempt you with phrases like social mobility
When ANY religion is met with hostility
Good God, what have we done?

(Thanks to STAT Magazine)

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