To Cheer a Buddhist Nun in Seattle

This is to one weary, bedridden
lungs two sinking lakes
of viral water,
your fevered heart bleating
in the covid wild.
Guru, teacher, sister
please call when you can.


You’ve got no phone, well
borrow one, do ConvoLink
sit cross-eyed
focus everything on the navel,
Can’t you tell how crazy-worried
I am for you– do not blink
or stress over
the coming and going
of so many
munchkin-nurses, wizard-Doctors

Just repeat after me, Om Mani
Padme Hum,
there’s no place like Om,
no place like…
Come on now, just do it–
Wait, that didn’t change a thing?

Hells’ bells and heavenly zippers!
what more can I do
Say what? Oh, ok
I’ll Fed-X those ruby-red-slippers.

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