Haiku 70

Photo: Andrew Hamlin. CC-BY-SA 4.0

Her mask won’t fit
he kisses her still

The bus man chants:
and things within love

That shield,
so old,
any knight laid
beneath it…

Up until 7…
sharecropper wouldn’t
kick me out of bed

One hand
to an unshaven cheek…
rain prattles

I fear death
from beneath my whiskers…
cold half moon

Green umbrella
through the storm

Twin shadows–
against the hay bales

Winter dusk…
half moon
in a mud puddle

Mercury drains
through her fingers…
poisoned soil

The life span
of a barnacle?
(I’m still stuck here)

slime from asphalt moss…
(game goes on)

Scratch, an itch,
to find…

This month, too long…
soft chime,
wash cycle

Summer came
for a day…pigeons
peck at peanuts

One life,
come down to
cabbages and shoes

That fish…
what can it know
of the fireworks

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