Mount Rainier Postcards

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Seismic (mailed to OR)

I am a volcano
squandered by time.
My next eruption
could be larger
or smaller
than the one
reported in the 1800s.
Cup your hands
to catch ash.

View from Tipsoo Lake (mailed to VA)

Five bear sightings
on one Mt Rainier hike—
Pam said distance is a gift,
up close and personal
best for wildflower sightings.

Clear Day (mailed to ME)

We have a saying in Seattle
and these here parts,
The mountain is out,
meaning skies are clear
and we can see
all 14,000 feet of magnificence.
That’s much more comforting
than saying
The mountain is rumbling
because, you know,
Mt. Rainier is a volcano.

Meadow (mailed to FL)

Flowers wide wild
with scent
wafting up the mountain.

Asters and Indian paintbrush
Lupine and lousewort—
meadow in full regalia.

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