Two Poems

Photo by Vladimir Srajber. CC0/Public domain.

The Dreamer Awakes

Whenever the mind is stirred from a state of slumber
All that eludes the expansive nature of imagination
Slowly begins to manifest upon the physical plane.
The focused energies of the mind open to the unknown
So one may experience a heightened realm of sensation:
Venturing beyond the limits of the known world
To awaken the dormant potential seeking expression
Throughout a myriad of different styles and forms.
The animating energies of imagination unveil that
Which lies dormant within the deepest vaults of memory:
To experience these wonders for oneself, is to touch
Upon a mystery which eludes the eyes of those who sleep.


Imagination’s Seed

The expansive nature of thought is what inspires an
Individual to push beyond the boundaries of conformity;
That which springs from the mind’s soil, a reflection
Of the internal aspiration to rise above the hardships of
This world, to create a place in which inspiration serves
As a guide to aid in the transformation of consciousness:
Whatever comes from the numerous attempts to climb
Beyond the confines of this physical construct, so visions
Of imagination have an opportunity to venture beyond
The limits imposed by materialistic desires & obligations:
The will to move mountains with the focused effort of mind
Ever so briefly alleviating troubles of the daylight hours
Which gather much like dust upon the window’s pane
Slowly distorting the view of the world existing beneath:
Denial of the inner spark contributing to all manner of
Unforeseen difficulties, stemming from a hardening of the
Heart, and a sense of disconnection that naturally takes
Root within the mind’s soil, sowing seeds of doubt each
Hour of the day: that which springs from the mind’s soil
Comprised of a nature opposed to expansive thought
Our underlying nature, that which makes us unique.

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