Blank Slate

Photo: Max Reif. CC-BY-SA 4.0

The canvas of today is blank.
Every morning a new one.
How do we know
what to put on it?

So many times as an artist,
sitting in front of a blank
canvas or pad.
How do I know what to paint?

Aren’t the rules the same
for painting and living?
Try to consult the highest
intuition, inspiration, even
the All-knowing Self
to release something
of that fragrance, rhythm, beauty.

Release the hope for the future
LIGHT embedded in images
to illumine the way forward.
Reveal a glimmer of a clue
that it’s all Eternal Now.
Or depict a current struggle
with an honest eye and brush.
That can help, too.

Sometimes staring down
into the well within,
almost a trance arises,
and hours later—

Other times it’s all work,
nothing gratis.
Amid sludge, maybe a beginning.

Keep the effort going.
Come back to it even if
it’s driven you back to bed.
Keep sharpening the focus.
Dig through all the muck
to a clearer view.

And by the way, try
to cultivate good habits.
That’s your foundation.

Always there will be resistance,
friction, entropy.
The battle goes on!

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