Seattle’s Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Tim Ceis approaches Marion Zioncheck with a typical moderate compromise.
Universal Pictures

When Maritza Rivera declared on February 5, 2024, that the full municipal budget audit she promised while running for Seattle City Council was no longer feasible, the fix was in clearly once again.

When The Shark brought the fix again — The Shark being longtime Seattle City Hall predatory political paramour Tim Ceis — renegade council members inevitably joined the Spielbergian menu.

When PubliCola reported Rivera’s campaign jive revelation on February 7, longtime critical observers of Seattle City Hall shenanigans prepared further political microwave popcorn.

When Rob Saka joined Rivera’s renegation revolution thus revealing how cleverly The Shark orchestrated the dominance of austerity budgeting ideology within our fair city for the foreseeable future, Seattle’s amazing business community thought leaders clanged cocktails accordingly.

When Seattle’s remaining left attempts local political organizing efforts aiming towards restoring progressive city council sanity come November 2027, we’re clearly gonna need a bigger boat.

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