Earth’s Embrace, a Sky-Kissed Song

Photo by Waranont (Joe). Free use via Unsplash.

The Earth, a canvas vast and grand,
Where mountains pierce the heavens’ hand.
Emerald forests, oceans deep,
Secrets whispered while we sleep.

From fertile plains where life takes root,
To deserts scorched by searing fruit,
Volcanoes rumble, rivers flow,
A symphony where creatures grow.

Barefoot steps on verdant ground,
Feel the pulse where life is found.
Sun-warmed stones beneath your touch,
Whispering tales of times so much

Older than our fleeting days,
Whispers of forgotten ways.
Forests breathe, a fragrant sigh,
Stars peek through a twilight sky.

Lie upon the cool, damp grass,
Watch clouds like dreams in motion pass.
Feel the Earth beneath your form,
A cradle cradling in the storm.

Close your eyes, inhale the scent,
Of wildflowers, earth, an element
That binds us, flesh and fertile ground,
A silent pact, a promise found.

And then, the sky, a canvas wide,
Where colors dance, where secrets hide.
Azure blue in morning’s light,
Fiery hues at fading night.

Clouds like cotton, soft and white,
Drifting in a sea of light.
Golden streaks when day is done,
Stars emerge, the setting sun.

Raise your face, feel the cool air,
Taste the vastness, a silent prayer.
The sky, it bends, a lover’s sigh,
And kisses you, a teardrop dry.

On your lips, a taste of rain,
A touch of wind that whispers pain,
Of battles fought, of stories old,
Of love and loss, a tale untold.

But in that kiss, a strength arises,
A connection that never dies.
The Earth below, the sky above,
A dance of life, a boundless love.

Walk the beaches, feel the sand,
Coarse and smooth beneath your hand.
Salty spray, a fleeting kiss,
From the ocean’s endless abyss.

Wander through a silent wood,
Sunlight dappled, misunderstood.
Trees reach high, their branches strong,
Whispering secrets in whispered song.

Feel the Earth, its every beat,
The rhythm of life, bittersweet.
From creatures small to mountains grand,
We’re all a part of this sacred land.

And as you travel, near and far,
Remember the kiss, the guiding star.
The Earth’s embrace, the sky’s soft touch,
A reminder we are loved so much.

For in this world, a wondrous frame,
We find our place, a whispered name.
Part of the whole, a single thread,
In the tapestry that life has spread.

So let your heart beat in the Earth’s embrace,
Let the sky’s kiss leave its gentle trace.
For you are one, a child of this ground,
With wonders untold, all around.

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