Four Planets

Planet Gadanayan

Silk-carrying ships in
ash turn intimacy,
perish in a lingering
cuss of venom bones,

stroking the void,
volcano dove fragments
blossom like ripening
fruit in a wasteland of
chirping skulls in
scathing embrace,

writhing echoes of singed
sycamore, snake in
a fresh fire sunlight, as

drumming hounds loosen
church bell clouds to feast
on skyline movie cuts –

in a spiteful dusk of rusted
ribbons, hollow-cheeked
dewdrops sweep forgotten
clocks into a wilderness of
back beat prayers amok.


Planet Xonarmo

Maggot machetes
slalom in a derelict
guillotine gravy,

kamikaze lunch lords
amputate garbage jackpots
in a jargon jazz of
signature snipers,

abducted oily grips align,
as perfumed discs bombard
canary presidents in
an artful asylum of
barefoot bulletins,

fiasco drills of reptile
mascara feast on
candy subtitles –

blindfolded buttons squeal
in a telepathic charcoal
of lashing finesse.


Planet Tiyaba

Icicle shepherds sketch
cinema insects in
squabbling junk canyons
of besotted rinse,

kissing cars engulf
pepper thread roosters
in a podium of
slaughtered satin,

peeling potions grapple
cargo spasms in
a teasing ambush
of bogus melt,

smirking timber hooves
click in a chronic
adrenaline blemish, as

piano key hostages
huddle like shriveled
outcasts in amplified
friction bushes –

in a sugar swindle strut,
dithering smoky details
slumber in forests
of haggard momentum.


Planet Deblinord

Eavesdropping syringes
jostle in a scissored
season of gyrating
telescope textures,

parachuting apostrophes
pluck battleship pimples
in a cherry concussion
of weasel dynamite,

boogie battalions in
scowling carriages
cackle like turbulent
tentacles in a cameo
of itchy hoaxes,

in chemical crutches,
soggy chauffeurs auction
automatic acorns in
cloth chapels, as

brittle anthems in alibi lace,
ransack altitude prams,
like trespassing propellers
in a bourbon bottle of
bohemian banter.

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