Homeless Poem

Photo: Thomas8047. CC-BY license.

This poem requires certain words of uncertainty;
yet it is the very nature of being
without certainty
that hinders words certainly required of it.

Being homeless, this poem will likely be ignored,
or discarded, or hounded
and rounded up. It might snidely be told
to stop sponging words
from upstanding poems. The few words
it possesses,
impounded or trashed.

In the eyes of some critics this poem is clearly “disreputable” … a hair’s breadth from “criminal.” Yet, this poem did not set out to be unworthy. As with most poems, this poem was born to high hopes. But, as sometimes happens, a fallible poet nurtured it and society bestowed little value.

While this homeless poem may not be bum-rushed into a metaphorical slammer, it might easily find itself in analogical purgatory (a lexical encampment set aside for unworthy ditties) until such time as its sullied syntaxes of uncertainty have been ascertained and most certainly cleansed.

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