MAGA Supporters Say They Want A Dictator

When a journalist from The Young Turks asked MAGA supporters whether they would support a Trump dictatorship they said yes. (Watch the video)

The doom and gloom scenarios regarding a potential anti-democratic Trump presidency can no longer be dismissed by the far right as politically motivated hyperbole. Thanks to his friends on the US Supreme Court, Trumpolini will be given a green light to practice corruption, retaliation and even assassination if he is elected!   

The Federalist concept of a “unitary President” (see Federalist #70) is now ensconced in the law courtesy of SCOTUS. 

Dire warnings from the left and progressives about the loss of democracy are coming true. The USA’s democratic republic might disappear soon without the establishment of a new strident pro-democracy movement.

On this Independence Day we should all be resolved to re-establish the enlightened egalitarian ideals of the founding fathers. The colonies rebelled against tyranny and monarchy because no man should be above the law. 

The fact that we have lost sight of that need for accountability proves our country is in danger of becoming what we fought against. 24,000 citizen soldiers paid the ultimate price to give us our freedom and independence during the Revolutionary War.

Eventually a new government was formed with checks and balances to provide accountability for our political leaders and institutions.

The current governing system is out of balance due to anti-democratic tendencies in the Republican party, and serious conflicts of interest among conservative members of the Supreme Court.

The result is an executive branch which is no longer limited by the rule of law.  

I suspect that men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson would be disgusted and alarmed by the present state of our weak democracy!    

By the way, according to Reporters Without Borders another pillar of our democratic society is floundering due to the limiting effects of giant corporate news network monopolies and widespread disinformation in social media — 

The United States is now ranked 55th in the world in terms of press freedom! 

Read my previous blogs, and look for my upcoming diary contribution examining that deplorable situation.

Happy Independence Day?


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