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(From left:) Robert Hankins, Katherine Grant-Suttie, Lantz Wagner, Jenny Schmidt, Amelia Meckler in Macha Monkey's Thebes. Courtesy of Macha Monkey
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Macha Monkey’s Thebes at ToJ

Change is afoot in the very small town of Thebes as it approaches its mayoral election. There Mary Johnston, a Christian woman emanating down-home manners of social and moral pragmatism and poise, is seeking office against Joe, the incumbent candidate with whom she shares both an affection and some personal history.



As February nears, poetry returns. This one is from one of Port Angeles’ finest, Jerry Kraft.


Birth of a Solipsist

I was on my lunch break one cold afternoon when I had life-changing realization. It hit me like a spoon that cracks an egg, and my yolk seemed to spill and fill up the world–indeed, become the world. I would apologize to you if you found my words confusing, but I don’t find them confusing myself, and in a moment you’ll see why I have no worries about being misunderstood.



Bottle neck of beauty rolling up the
yellow-tiled tunnel to the express lane.


The Cellist

Dimitri stood on a door step in a suburban neighborhood on a quiet Sunday afternoon. He pulled a piece of paper from his…


Tour De Farce

Emily had always assumed that someday she would grow to be a wise, old woman with refined tastes; as if the knowledge of fine wines and fine arts would simply come with gray hair…