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Evening Edition: Well, Come On, Really

The introduction of another regular feature: Evening Edition, an end-of-the-day round-up of news items, editorial pieces and other ephemera to keep you informed as you head into the beginning of your evening.

Performing Arts Theater

This Week In Theater: Another Year’s Work Begins

It seems like an eternity since we last spoke, even though it’s only been two weeks. A mere fortnight. Lots has happened in those fourteen days; some year end lists were released, some awards were given out (with others still to come); a nice way to take a breather after the end of a busy year — your correspondent’s ruminations on that year will be coming soon. The time for rest is over; time to see if we can improve upon last year’s achievements.

Music News

Pali Chant Suite: For Strings and Thai Yoga

This 70-minute class includes a 10-minute introduction, a 50-minute piece performed by three violinists, percussionist, and backing track, while two yogis lead the class in thai yoga, a 2500 year-old sequence of simple healing poses.