False start with Pullulation and Yada-yada

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1. All drift is vain. What you snatch is the sift and sag of your own breasts on your belly and the sweat that catches there like reverse pockets.

2. But here is the lawyer with a pencil and his wedding ring swinging to and fro. “See how hard it is to make a prick?”

3. The rapier snickers. Rebuttal: “There is a thing that slices the night into fat, dark portions. There is a measuring stick short and thick in the haunches. There is a thrust of a thing we vaguely admire. There is the mouth puckering like a wound, and the wound jabbering some bloody nonsense.”

4. All thrift is plain Jane, plangent Hemingway, osteoporosis of the Calliope. That is how he proves she’s merely a whore with regret.

5. In a written statement: “On my iPod I was playing that song that goes, ‘Last month was May, yeah. This month is June. Next month is July, sweet baby, and August comes after only you.’ I saw that bees have always enjoyed colors with a vibrancy we can’t even contemplate.”

6. A little grift is inane. You should have gone to self-defense class, learned the Vagina Wiggle.


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