Playing Dress Up

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The little piano plays
The jewelry box is open
The ballerina spins on delicate springs;
The jewelry is out

She wraps it over her small little body
mommy is not looking
the toddler becomes a queen
the stuffed animals are awake and clapping
glitter spills out of her smile
giggles paint the room

“Look mommy aren’t I pretty?”

The mirror in the sparkly box
reflects mommy tangled in white bed sheets
back bent on a twin size bed
limp arm staring at
an empty bottle on the floor

she came to read nighttime stories
but the pink girl dances with the ballerina instead

Twirling out of black outs and pearls
The stuffed soft best friend
lowers its head and
rolls the tragedy under the bed with its button nose
They go on playing pretend

She steps into a size 8 after-work stiletto
not knowing
she will be walking in the same shoes some day.

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