Dream Travels

Weird and Lost.  Credit: h.koppdelaney. Licensed CC-By.
Weird and Lost. Credit: h.koppdelaney. Licensed CC-By.

…Sly & The Family Stone are scheduled to play a concert near me, except the seating area actually looks more like your folks’ basement. Sly is muttering, mumbling, not making much sense (in real life he’s been acting erratically for decades now), wandering around with his musicians. I greet his trumpet player, Cynthia Robinson, except she looks nothing like the actual Cynthia Robinson, and is in fact white instead of black. “You must be Mrs. Robinson,” I offer. She smiles and shakes my hand, but seems a little off herself…then her face changes into the face of a black lady, but I still recognize her as Cynthia Robinson…

…then there’s a record store next to the venue which looks a bit like the old Tower Records down by Memorial Stadium. I buy a copy of Sly’s masterpiece There’s A Riot Goin’ On but it’s a promo CD with no cover art or photographs. I take it back to the venue to have Sly autograph it, but when I show it to him, he runs straight into a wall and knocks himself out. I decide to take a dive myself, and I throw myself onto what seems to be a large wooden wheel covered in straw…

…I wait what seems like forever for Sly to show a sign of life. He finally starts stirring, groaning, holding his head, then the telephone rings and I walk onstage, then backstage, to answer the phone. The phone is shaped exactly like a silver-plated Colt .45, so I’m holding it with the barrel parallel to my head and talking into the trigger/cylinder mount. It’s Sly’s manager. He’s not happy…


We’re all walking around Green Lake, except Green Lake’s about the
size of a house–you can easily see anyone else walking around it, in other words. Boz is holding a gun on you, looks like a shiny Western-style revolver. He’s side-by-side with you on the path coming towards me, and he’s got the gun pointed at your waist. The two of you pass, and then Roy comes up the path, and I have to explain sotto voce that Boz is holding a gun on you…


…so the Devo show’s getting ready to start, and I know this because five
Devo heads are lined up in little chutes at the top of short, descending little plastic Hot Wheels ramp, and the show will start when the heads slide down together to the bottom. But each head has an extra face hidden inside (sort of like Maskatron), and Jerry’s is really weird…

…then I’m trying to come up with interview questions for Jerry, keeping in mind that I’m skeptical about him; and sending them over the web. The dream-Devo website has the five heads from the Oh No, It’s Devo cover, and you click on each one of them to contact the respective band member…

…then the four members are rushing together to get through a gate, to get through to the stage. Mark and Jerry look normal, but the Bob 1 and Bob 2, if it is the Bobs, both have long, shaggy beards that make them look like the ZZ Top guys, no sign of a drummer…

…then the show begins with Mark, looking like he hasn’t aged since 1978 (looking a bit like Sean Lennon, actually), very theatrically eating an apple (oh, the symbolism!)…

…then I’m sliding sideways along a closed-lid grand piano that’s
about a hundred yards long, either moving towards or away from the
band, perhaps both…?


…so, I’m lounging in a fairly-ritzy hotel room, lying on the bed. I’m lead to understand (via dream-logic) that you’ve booked this room
especially for showing me your new film on the hotel TV. The film seems to have a lot to do with cemetery headstones (reminding me of I Bury The Living) and you appear in it wearing a gray plaid sport coat, cavorting around the headstones and mausoleums. The credits say “directed by you” so I think, “Hey, he bucked up to directing this one!”

…then the movie’s over and I’m still lying on the bed and now the room has two doors and I’m not at all sure which one I’m supposed to leave by. I’m pretty sure a wrong choice will mean bad things.


…then you appear outside the window, coming up to the window through some kind of courtyard, and you’re making a strange sound as you approach the glass!


–then I wake up, look out Shawn’s bedroom window and gasp, “Ohmigod!
Hank’s head is out there floating in mid-air!”


…then I really wake up.

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