Haiku 5

Photo Credit: Trinity, licensed cc-by-sa
Photo Credit: Trinity, licensed cc-by-sa

Closed-eye dude on bus,
makes me clamber over him
did I rouse Coleridge?

Well, that’s my outburst
for today; no question left
but where to be kind.

Lovers before me,
painted, black-haired, sharp laughter…
will they remember?

was twenty-one years ago;
has Raymond paid more?

Oh, I must giggle
at the poor unfortunate
who has my own foot.

Seven more buttons
on his jacket than I have–
he must be a dolt!

This gaudy knit hat
“Hand made by Hazel Hickey”
and need more be said?

Their colt legs take them
all five, all six, to the bus,
blinking in the sun.

Jack and Clara, dead
decades; still I mourn the fence
over their garden

it becomes a question of
what at last died, here.

The AmEx Gold Card,
souvenir of higher hopes,
good for one sandwich.

A bird in the sky
a thick truck that same color
pulls into traffic.

The pump which feeds me
feeds him, too, way over there,
picking at a screen.

Chest pain killed Issa,
for my own sake, hold out hope–
one more dull summer!

Chili, cheese, dish soap,
my neighbor’s shades shut next door
it’s been a good life.

the tote bag shivers mid-morn
does it wish to live?

That one blank spot out
of my soul, if I have one–
Philly Joe Jones.

Left wrist and both feet
sticking out the blanket’s ends
still, still the headache.

Six-thirty pm
enough bedroom light remains
to divine the dark

He’s in his own world
cursing the train tunnel guard
will all fall but soon?

five, starting from somewhere, right,
and ending the same.

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