Gidion’s Knot: It’s A Blast!

Weirdest product placement ever. ANGRY BIRDS BITCH!
Weirdest product placement ever. ANGRY BIRDS BITCH!

Look, your kid is a brat, okay? I don’t care who you are, if you’ve got something you can call an offspring, I can guarantee you that he’s a spoiled brat that you let get away with murder. “My little Johnny/Janey is an angel, I’ll have you know!” Maybe. To your face. Maybe, but the moment you’ve helicoptered the rugrat off at school, lil Johnny is a fuckhead, and lil Janey is a raging bitch.

In this case, whatever happens to them away from your aways, they’re getting what they deserve.

Case closed. That simple. SorryBoutIt.

The play at the Bathhouse in Green Lake right now, Gideon’s Knot, is about a mom who is really upset that her son was getting picked on by his teacher, and the teacher’s all like “Nope! Johnny was a pain in my ass who beat up the other kids when he was here.” And I’m like, I don’t have kids, but isn’t this like what all parenting is? You get pissed off at the teacher, and the teacher’s all “I’m overworkd” and everyone is angry all the time?

You can tell Heather Hawkin’s, as the mom, is all pissed off, and that’s cause her kid is dead, and I guess that makes sense. Still though, I’d have an easier time believing her as like a real mom if she wasn’t such a Donna Noble wannabe. Rebecca Olson though is kick-ass as the teacher, like she has this look that’s all, “Fuck u! Get out mah face! Respect mah authority!” She’s liek my favorite teacher ever!

Okay, but like that mom’s son is dead, right? That’s so fucked up. and That’s why you gotta go see this thing, cause it’s soooo fucked up, and like it literally happens EVERY DAY! Plust he music’s pretty cool, dude who did that did a very good job. He like even put music from Dangerous Minds in there, that came out when I was a little kid! Like this would be a sick movie like that if they made a movie out of it, and if they need someone to be Coolio, I know a few people who could do that.


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