Seattle Star’s Youth Movement Begins

The old men of the Star find their true calling.
The old men of the Star find their true calling.

Truth is, Jim Romenesko simply beat us to the punch. Also, soon to be erstwhile publisher — who’s been feeling a mite stressed lately — got a little caught up in the moment and ended up rubbing a whole lot of people the wrong way. [Publisher’s note: The fact that the photo on Romenesko’s site is Photoshop redacted had something to do with it, too. I have the actual exchange in archive. But who cares about truth or research, when you’re on teh interwebz?]

Had everybody just taken a step back along with a deep breath, the awesomeness of what we were going to announce would have blown everyone away! You see, all we were really doing was gearing up for our new youth movement which is being launched today!

In the days and weeks ahead, you’re going to be introduced to our new stable of writers, beginning today with our new Theater Writer: I.M. Fletcher! Young Mr. Fletcher impressed us with his résumé and passion for the theater; we think you’ll agree that this is the beginning of a whole new movement in theater writing.

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