Hipsters hate on T. Rex at their peril.
Hipsters hate on T. Rex at their peril.

We here at the Star have been promising to bring you more comix. That promissory note can be cashed this week by making sure we introduce our readers to one of our favorite webcomics from Germany, Adrian vom Baur‘s Hipsters.

While still at university, he formed the Jazam comics group, and with Nico Simon, David Koslowski, and Florian Steinl, has edited the annual comics anthology since 2006. He has also completed three entries in the by-now-infamous 24-Hour Comics Challenge that Scott McCloud started so long ago. Though works like Annie the Little Cannibal are quite far from the world of Hipsters, all of them share the same grim, black humor that delights many young cartoonists influenced by the cosmopolitan adult comix of European and American artists of the 90s.

Hipsters began its life in a six-page self-published comic, but the artist found himself regularly drawing hipster characters right alongside various monsters, dinosaurs and undead in his notebooks, and the webcomic was born in August 2010.

Here we reprint the entirety of the story arc, “Hipsters vs. Dinosaurs,” which for us remains the best introduction to Adrian vom Baur’s eccentric black humor, vulgar wit, and clear illustration. Enjoy.

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