14 Top Bottled Waters in Seattle

Pure American. Photo by John Althouse Cohen. Licensed CC-BY-ND.
Pure American. Photo by John Althouse Cohen. Licensed CC-BY-ND.

Here in Seattle we’re known to be very conscious of our health and the health of the planet, too. Clean water is important. It’s healthy for people and healthy for the planet, too

Recently people have become more and more conscious of better water sources. The way we consume water in the industrial world impacts the whole world. That’s why it’s best not to drink water from the tap or from a fountain with old lead pipes or mossy new ones. Instead, it’s proven to be better for everyone to drink water from BPA-filled plastic bottles. True: such sources are on the average 1,900 times more expensive than tap water, but it’s a small price to pay for sustainability.

Here is our list of the top 14 bottled waters in Seattle.

14. Aquafina
13. Fred Meyer
12. Starbuck’s
11. (tie) Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water and Culligan
9. Evian
8. Safeway
7. Dasani
6. Kirkland Parkplace
5. Crystal Geyser
4. Mountain Mist
3. Nestlé Pure Life
2. Poland Spring
1. Fiji

Fiji came in at number one, largely because the island is really cool and one of our writers lost her viriginity there. Others are a bit more surprising.

We were surprised at how low Aquafina placed in comparison to the rest. It has a great-sounding name and a soft, well-designed label. But it was no comparison to others like Evian and Fred Meyer, and even Starbuck’s. Dasani’s twist top is very elegant, but the shape of the bottle might throw some drinkers for a loop.

Alexandra RaismanMountain Mist and Crystal Geyser placed extremely high, largely due to their exceptional marketing campaigns, and a guarantee that ensures the writer a year’s supply of the product if the shill is good enough. Costco’s brand placed just about where we would expect it, but Poland Spring was truly a revelation to us. We didn’t think the endorsement of Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman would sway us, and it didn’t, but we sure loved her new hairdo. NestlĂ© Pure Life is consistently excellent, owing largely to the accent over the letter E, but also because they are the only bottled water actually to list the ingredients and impurities both right on their label.

You may disagree with our choices, but the polls show one thing: Everyone will all agree that the Portland Timbers suck. Now go buy some bottles to throw away!

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