Think a Lake

Photo Credit: Sergiu Bacioiu. Licensed CC-BY-NC.
Photo Credit: Sergiu Bacioiu. Licensed CC-BY-NC.

Floated up through intimate
history the emotional valence
to drift culture of poverty per se

Watching mitosis equals the rate of loss
changing sensitive to east-west travel

Implication daily living sleep habits
stress sleep loss flamboyant nightly cycles
energy division tissues wax and wane

Hormones nervous discharge
diving under me

Consider theirs the good life
carrying messages, personal competition
men used to weave
navel of the earth an artifact of desire
ceremonies welcome menstrual rhythm
corresponding strength of the sun

Ask a simple question
people transformed into words
act as a lighthouse

Unresolved conflicts including
middle class scholars the usual criteria
fear, suspicion or apathy
lack of impulse control
knows nothing of pottery
what the birds do
when they sing

One day articulate
the next less ebullient
linear habits of thought
pathology retreats to the street corner
a gesture of prohibition

She could if she chose
exert herself to see
who waits on the other side

Compelled summons reserves intrusion
I’ll wait for you
give you Israel free return

Multiple noise issuing awake
temperatures rise and fall
around the clock loud music
signals acuity for three days

Reliably repeat word lists
steady then a warbling tone

The land seems bare
the lower slopes covered
with scrubby pines and dusty junipers

An area silted over
stone slab in the middle
overlapping other segments volition
labor vigil another night ejaculating
through the irresponsive air

Waves passing from forehead to chin
active spot in my palm
thick molded stuff fell to its trough
collected from a tiny catheter

What is said a non sequitur
of heightened arousal excluding
class and ethnic group mass media
cosmology fate thriftily doled out

The dove’s motion lucid
waiting to be separated
full of some sweet inflexible note

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