Photo Credit: striatic. Licensed CC-BY.
Photo Credit: striatic. Licensed CC-BY.


His relentless feet pounded the treadmill punishingly. Readings on monitors flashed bells and whistles. He sweated profusely. Then, he slumped over and his life oozed out.

The policy confirmed her worst fears. His love and latest medical report must’ve driven him to extreme measures to extricate them from debt. Her blood turned frigid.


The gym director referred Peter as coach for elimination round in gymnastics. Kelly looked forward to a good workout arriving early. Peter was reading a book inside.

Involuntarily his eyes rose and he saw her. Time stood still. Their past life flashed by as they skated together in the Olympics’ arena.

She had come home.


The plying hands on her painful joints were soothing and she fell asleep. Her belongings hung behind the massage table. She was oblivious.

The lines were long. Finally, heart pounding, the desperate mother purchased lifesaving drugs and left the pharmacy hurriedly. Shaking hands put back the credit card in the designer handbag on the wall.

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