i want u 2 carress me like a tropical priest

Photo Credit: blakespot.Licensed CC-BY.
Photo Credit: blakespot.
Licensed CC-BY.

haha the #1 Leading Cause of Death for japanese infants is Priest Touching
This is a very controversial matter.
Not one to be discussed or taken litely
man isn’t it fucked that japanese kids dont even know wat winamp is
we literarely lived in The Age of Winamp and Kazaa
i am a peer2peer filesharing Grand Doungeon Master Dragon :-)
my skills are first person shooters &&;; role playing games
I guess I could show you my DeviantArt, but it’s not good. None of it is good.
the earth is not good
the earth will be a cold dead Place by 2002
as long as I got my Taco Bell i’m happie

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