Apparition #1281

Photo Credit: thatguyeric.Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.
Photo Credit: thatguyeric.
Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.

You can take for granted
lots of God-awful garbage
in places deemed important
by fools; this goes for every
thing, including poetry. Why?
Because the world runs (has,
will always) on mediocrity, so
safe, so comforting, like a mug
of hot cocoa on a winter’s night,
or a mediocre simile, people want
others to be mediocre, to be fools,
that’s just the way things go, people
are nothing to write home about, or
(if you are writing to God) nothing to
write about at all, the world is no mystery,
all the mystery is in the night sky, looking up.

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