Photo Credit: bondidwhat.Licensed CC-BY-NC-ND.
Photo Credit: bondidwhat.
Licensed CC-BY-NC-ND.

Janice/ struts down the hallway/ purposefully poised steps/ click-claking perfectly in time/ bouncing/ with an audible beat/ brief case, one hand/ coffee, the other/ gliding/ her hips open a door with ease/ carefully, stepping up each stair/ careful not to trip/ she rounds the corner, pride/ “She walks with such purpose”/ Janice sits, perched/ carefully, she pecks at some keys/ before gliding/ again, toward the parking lot/ Janice flips her hair, from under her Appropriately Accessorized scarf/ and prepares for a long, chilly walk/ remembering the schedule/ she picks up the pace/ Janice is Absolutely, Positively/ Always-On-Time/ smiling, beaming/…

Just before she tips off the Automatic Door/ to Exit/ the Sun shines through the glass, blinding her/ momentarily/ she blinks, catches her reflection/ CLICK/…

Evie stumbles forward/ flustered/ into the queue, stepping awkwardly/ it is as if she is Lost/ momentarily wandering/ rumpled/ tattered/ strung out with Mania/ she stares out into the parking lot, 15-20 seconds/ the Automated door behind her/ closing/ opening/ over and over and over again/ Funny how switching is triggered by that kind of thing/ The Cold/ The Sun/ The Reality of your Unstable/ Mental/ Health/ staring at you/ Right in the face/ that you barely recognize/ Closing/ Opening/ All it takes is one glimpse/ All of a sudden/ CLICK/ the spell is broken/ Who are you today?/ You are the only one who is affected/ You are the only one who bought the act/ in the first place/ It only takes/ a second/ “Who are you doing this for?”

Don’t/ Answer/ CLICK.

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