Photo Credit: bondidwhat.Licensed CC-BY-NC-ND.
Photo Credit: bondidwhat.
Licensed CC-BY-NC-ND.

Janice/ struts down the hallway/ purposefully poised steps/ click-claking perfectly in time/ bouncing/ with an audible beat/ brief case, one hand/ coffee, the other/ gliding/ her hips open a door with ease/ carefully, stepping up each stair/ careful not to trip/ she rounds the corner, pride/ “She walks with such purpose”/ Janice sits, perched/ carefully, she pecks at some keys/ before gliding/ again, toward the parking lot/ Janice flips her hair, from under her Appropriately Accessorized scarf/ and prepares for a long, chilly walk/ remembering the schedule/ she picks up the pace/ Janice is Absolutely, Positively/ Always-On-Time/ smiling, beaming/…

Just before she tips off the Automatic Door/ to Exit/ the Sun shines through the glass, blinding her/ momentarily/ she blinks, catches her reflection/ CLICK/…

Evie stumbles forward/ flustered/ into the queue, stepping awkwardly/ it is as if she is Lost/ momentarily wandering/ rumpled/ tattered/ strung out with Mania/ she stares out into the parking lot, 15-20 seconds/ the Automated door behind her/ closing/ opening/ over and over and over again/ Funny how switching is triggered by that kind of thing/ The Cold/ The Sun/ The Reality of your Unstable/ Mental/ Health/ staring at you/ Right in the face/ that you barely recognize/ Closing/ Opening/ All it takes is one glimpse/ All of a sudden/ CLICK/ the spell is broken/ Who are you today?/ You are the only one who is affected/ You are the only one who bought the act/ in the first place/ It only takes/ a second/ “Who are you doing this for?”

Don’t/ Answer/ CLICK.

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Chelsea lives in Seattle and truly believes the Emerald City is one of the greatest cities on Earth. By day she is an Employment Consultant/Job Coach for Project SEARCH, a supported employment program for adults with disabilities located at Seattle Children's Hospital, by night she is the Artistic Director and Playwright in Residence at Copious Love Productions, an independent theatre company currently roaming the stages of Seattle. You may read her work at as well as on her personal blog

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