Fine Dining And Façades

Photo by Public Domain Pictures.Licensed Public Domain-CC0.
Photo by Public Domain Pictures.
Licensed Public Domain-CC0.


We all have the tools to kill someone somewhere, our murderous streak depends on whether we are ready to embrace the truth of our humanity or if we would rather remain in the fantastical dream we call our reality.


If we are going to be friends I suggest I start at my beginning.


I slashed open her fleshy sack of a body piercing the flesh, filleting the tendons from its bone. My eyes were fixed upon her terrified eyes full of pain, deep regret and disproportionate suffering. As my hand glided across the grinning blade, playfully I massaged my arms soaking in the terror. So elegant, the way her blood splashed across my face it was most magnificent, I licked the side of my mouth sampling what was now mine: “ours.”

The fragrance of her glossy scent caresses the air, enticing my taste buds and clinging to my lips as liquid rubies flowed like tears from a strangely small incision I had made under her arm, discarding her open chest for a moment. Fearful screams echoed in my head sweeping over my ears, whispering sweet nothings. Powerless as she was, I stared flippantly into her eyes searching to inquire whether she was “having a good time” after all that’s what she wanted, a night to remember. I peeled and grated morsels of skins from her flaking arm, each time acting slower to hear my lover’s blood curdling forget-me-not cries.

I whirled my head lulled as the bewitching aroma complemented the atmosphere on a catacomb of vulgar ideas. I smeared my face in its, excuse me, her blood I let it trickle down my face, laughing at the mere thought of professional “doctors” wearing surgical masks and sterilised gloves. Me, no, I dressed fit for the occasion suit and tie, making sure she was at ease. My surgical theater is more, social. I would offer her sweet trinkets…but she wouldn’t want to miss a second of the night’s frivolity. She examined my eyes for a soul or some kind of humorous human emotion. I maniacally smiled with soft eyes and placed some tape over her mouth quieting the room to relax me. I mean, it’s like what they say, erm….ahhh that’s right “love hurts!” I cackled and hissed listening as my gracious voice haunted the hallways and greeted the foundations as it slumbered on the floor. Her melodious shrieks scratched the walls and taunted the very fabric of the universe.

Her ever lingering floral perfume chimed coxing my hands to unlock the ice encased cabinet, feeling a sudden sting puncture my hands. Blood vessels burst beautifully in perfect alignment with her pupils forming nothing less than a blood drenched masterpiece. Speckling her outer eye, “beauty in the eye of the beholder“, I chuckled darkly under my breath. Her now crimson eyes lingered starved, anxious, hesitating to contemplate what next horrific in her mind, yet lovingly executed in my mind, act to demonstrate upon my sweets mangled body. My eyes flickered in their sockets as something darker more foreboding than the darkest abyss emerged from the depths within me fighting to the surface cooing “Sure this is inhuman, but what do we care.”

I clawed through her chest rummaging carelessly as if I were hacking at a bovine carcass. Pushing and pulling organs aside to marvel at her on a greater bloody spectrum. Her blood pulsated and gurgled in and around her organs working with such precision, all in time, so in synchronisation. Something festered behind her banquet of a body. Intricate as her ribs were, I needed to see, it’s ours. All ours. My eyes burned with curiosity, enflaming my figures exterior, forcing my veins to the surface, protruding. I hacked and gouged, radiating with the desire of what awaited me.

An inferno blazed beneath my skin coursing inside me as pendants of stunningly red liquid crashed like a wave over her delicious organs. She convulsed and twitched robotically. An overwhelming urge emanated to strike her mercilessly across her ungrateful face in order for her to comply, subtly compelling her to understand that it is not her place to answer back.

“We took her to dinner, we bought her the finest clothes, and we held doors for, her.”

I cut through the air as my hand flu to whip her face. The colours of light streamed as my hand raced toward her cheek, the unknown parallel portal that would bind me to her touch. Red and black, red and black, is all I could see. Continuing, in anticipation and fury, I felt an excruciating stab in my hand.

“Do it!” a malicious vindictive voice heckled.

“DO IT!”

I felt intoxicated; my pupils dilated exposing the true depth of my ,disposition, the lights of my soul glittering with menacing delight. Possessing me.

I struggled to escape the voice’s grip as it enslaved me effortlessly. I had unleashed something heinous. A searing pain crept up my hand and arm, although I hadn’t yet looked up, it was obvious that an echo had begun to suffocate the hallowed room. An unnatural hush had silenced my breath. The air was thick choking me with its intensity. I glanced noticing blood sliding at a perpendicular angle creating a pool on the floor which reflected my face. Drip drip drip.

The room grew dead cold…unwillingly I gazed at the pooling blood mirror showing my form ravenous, mouth dripping with blood. Examining it more closely, the figure held a rusty blade to my chest forcing it into me slowly, laughing malevolently as I, we, it did it, spiting my body’s life, rejecting the humanity, if there was any, that was left in me. “We need it from somewhere, and I won’t release you till you deliver what was promised, control yourself or I will…” The image rippled as the pool of blood shook, vanishing into the obscure, it coiled around my throat, in essence taunting its prey. It was inevitable, it had been awakened…

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