At Rosa Parks Commons

Photo by Omar Willey.Licensed CC-BY-SA.
Photo by Omar Willey.
Licensed CC-BY-SA.
I could have sworn
the child was not
going to cry
when I told her
to stop chewing
on her fingers
and stay close so
I can see her
but yeah she cried
and yeah she screamed
and she stood on
the equipment
of the playground
looking like she
wanted to hitch
a ride out of
the park

Was I kidding
when I vowed I
would be a good
dad to my girl
(as if I could
vanquish all the
monsters in the
world by snapping
my fingers and
she would always
be able to
do everything
she wanted to
and the world would
be perfect and
failing that I
have to confess
that I am not
a good father)
or is it just
that Jackie’s two?

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